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Bringing Speech Therapy to Cambodia’s Youth 25 April 2017 Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The only issue is, not everyone has access to education. I was born in the 1980s in suburban Sydney, Australia. A few decades ago, my great grandparents moved…

The Myth of the Heroic Expat Leader

  9 June 2017 On a plane from China to Australia, I had a thought that made me ashamed. After studying physiotherapy and international development, I had finished working with some of the most impoverished people in China – those with disabilities. I had landed my dream job, working with an organisation that helped children…

Speech and Swallowing Disorders in Cambodia

Compared to 6,000 speech therapists residing in Australia, Cambodia is home to zero…

Triple R Interview With Weh Yeoh

Compared to 6,000 speech therapists residing in Australia, Cambodia is home to zero…

ABC Radio Interview With Weh Yeoh

There are no speech therapists in Cambodia and OIC aims to change that…

First Cambodian Speech Therapists

OIC aims to graduate the first generation of speech therapists in Cambodia…

Communication or Swallowing Disability in Cambodia

How can 1 in 25 people affected by communication disability and no one fighting for it?…

Disability Programs in Cambodia

You don’t see more people with disabilities in Cambodia. Where are they?…

Speech Therapy Campaign Seeks Tales

OIC to share 20 stories of people silenced by communication disabilities….

People With Disabilities in Cambodia

When I was five years old, I sat next to a child who was different than me — just different….

Field Stories

Australian Schools Support “Day Without Speech”

Former Murray Farm student reunites with teacher to raise money for kids in Cambodia September  2017 In a serendipitous twist-of-fate, former Murray Farm School student Weh Yeoh reunited with his year six teacher to get a boost in his awareness and fundraising efforts for OIC Cambodia—the speech therapy organization he founded in 2013.   Yeoh…

Happy Kids Clinic

OIC’s Social Enterprise November 2017 We have now been running our social enterprise for over a year and have a staff consisting of 2.4 speech therapists, an occupational therapist, and two Khmer therapy assistants. We are also started doing some work with a psychologist to begin working on an autism diagnosis model. The clinic has…

Mai Relies on His Family More

We all rely on our families, but seven-year-old Mai relies on his family more than most….

Lin Is Number Two in His Class

Before, Lin couldn’t communicate and doesn’t go to school. Now he’s number two in his class….

Phearom Declined a Better-paying Job

Disability worker Phearom declined a better-paying job to learn about speech therapy….

Silence Is Not Golden

Silence is not golden, 130 guests were told at the OIC launch in Melbourne….

Let’s Play Speech Therapy Games

Community workers incorporate games into their speech therapy with children….

Srey Ran

Through speech therapy, Srey Ran’s speech drastically improved and her confidence grew….

Development Innovations

USAID supports OIC by providing free access to their co-working space at Development Innovations….

Speak Up!

Why people do speech therapy advocacy when there are other things happening in Cambodia….

On the Blog

Disability Worker in Cambodia

She’s a reason why I still believe that we can do great things in global development…

Disability in Cambodia Is Not a Priority

An open letter to organisations in Cambodia that don’t fund disability-focused projects…

Whydev Interview With Weh Yeoh

I never wanted to go to Cambodia and create another organisation for the sake of it….

5 Ways to Avoid Founderitis

Five ways to avoid founder’s syndrome or founderitis. It can be a huge problem if left unchecked. …

Healthcare Gap in Cambodia

In international development, there are needs that are being addressed and forgotten….

Volunteering in Cambodia

Speech therapist Luisa Russo shares her volunteering experience with OIC….

Savong School Interview With Weh Yeoh

OIC is worth paying attention not only its work but also in the manner it has structured itself….

Devquest Interview With Weh Yeoh

My role is to support those people making the change, like my Cambodian colleagues….

Ideashoist Interview With Weh Yeoh

In partnership with CABDICO, Weh began Cambodia’s first pilot program in speech therapy….

Founder’s Syndrome

Weh is the founder of OIC, but he rejects the title and considers himself ‘anti-founder’…


Tai Is Able to Communicate

With speech therapy, Tai can now communicate and connect with those around her…

Work of OIC in Cambodia

OIC founder and managing director Weh Yeoh discusses our work…

How Mai Learned to Express Himself

Weh Yeoh explains how speech therapy is helping Mai to express himself with his family…

Unseen, Unheard Campaign

OIC is taking the stories of 20 children with speech problems to the UN…

How Speech Therapy Helps Sota

How speech therapy helps Sota swallow more safely and communicate more clearly….

Speech Therapy Visual Aids

Visual aids help children with communication disability learn how to use language…

OIC Cambodia – Our Work

OIC works to support people with communication disability receive speech therapy…

Day Without Speech

Day Without Speech is a fun, easy challenge for you and others to give up speaking….

Speak Up for Cambodia: Education for All

Pledge your birthday and help change lives. It’s easy. Instead of gifts, ask for donations….

Speak Up for Cambodia: Education for All

This is the biggest fundraising campaign in Cambodia for children with communication difficulties….

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