Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated professionals, speech therapy volunteers and staff, who believe that everyone deserves the right to communicate.


Speech therapy is led by Cambodians and available to all who need it in Cambodia.


To establish speech therapy university courses and jobs for Cambodians, raise awareness, and influence government policy.

Exit Goal

100 speech therapists employed by government by 2030, after which OIC will exit Cambodia and government will take over.

Ling and Phearom Weh with Ling

Our Values

  • Localisation

    We put the interests of Cambodian communities above others’.

  • Collaboration

    We share information and support partners.

  • Integrity

    We are transparent and ethical.

  • Learning

    We embrace growth, and continuous learning and improvement.

  • Quality

    We work to the highest standard.

  • Respect

    We respect cultures and religions.

  • Transparency

    We believe in honesty and open communication.


photo of Chenda Net

Chenda Net

Executive Director, OIC Cambodia

Chenda oversees the day to day management of OIC Cambodia. She works on both the programmatic side, as well as the administrative side coordinating to ensure all of the team is working together.

photo of Pisey Soeun

Pisey Soeun

Administration & Finance Manager

Pisey manages both the financial side of OIC Cambodia and the administration, meaning human resources, office space, and our systems to make sure we are able to deliver OIC’s goals.

photo of Claire Salter

Claire Salter

Program Manager

Claire manages the program side of OIC Cambodia’s activities including Happy Kids Clinic and laying the ground work for the University program.

photo of Ruth Bryce

Ruth Bryce

Program Manager

Ruth manages the training projects and works on ensuring OIC Cambodia communicates effectively with valuable partners and provides understanding of having lived in multiple cultures to ensure we communicate effectively as a team.

photo of briony norris

Briony Norris

Occupational Therapist

Briony is an occupational therapist from Australia working at Happy Kids Clinic. She has been the clinic manager of HKC and coordinates in-house training, database management and team meetings.

photo of lao sreyaun

Lao Sreyaun

Senior Therapy Assistant

Lao Sreyaun has 10 years of experience working with people with disabilities. She works with Khmer language clients and families, and also supports the clinic’s management team.

photo of kang pisey

Kang Pisey

Therapy Assistant, Happy Kids Clinic

Pisey (called Kunthea) works as a therapy assistant in the Happy Kids Clinic working with cleints who need Khmer language services. Her background is in working with kids in school settings and she often goes to schools to work with different kids.

photo of vikki greenhalgh

Vikki Greenhalgh

Speech Language Therapist, Happy Kids Clinic

Vikki is one of Happy Kids Clinic’s speech language therapists. She has a particular interest in speech difficulties and autism, and providing an equitable access to speech therapy across culture and socio-economic status. She also helps with different OIC Cambodia activities.

photo of Weh Yeoh

Weh Yeoh

Australian Partner

Weh leads the OIC fundraising and networking initiatives in Australia.

Board of Directors

photo of Vic Sisowath

HRH Vic Sisowath

Vic has been with ANZ Royal for 8 years as the head of affluent banking and chair of the community committee. He helps connect OIC with an extensive network and provide financial guidance.

photo of Bo Chankoulika

Bo Chankoulika

Koulika is a member of Education Research Council of the Cambodia’s MoEYS. She holds a PhD degree in education policy and analysis from Flinders University in Australia. She is passionate in promoting equal access to education, ensuring the quality of education and equity within education in Cambodia.

  photo of Sok Vanseka

Sok Vanseka

Vanseka was a Fulbright master’s student in international business and economic law at Georgetown University. She was previously an intern at the International Monetary Fund in the US.

photo of Heather Golem

Heather Golem

Heather is the principal of The Giving Tree School in Cambodia. Originally from the US, she holds a degree in education and history.

photo of Heng Sotheavy

Heng Sotheavy

Sotheavy is the marketing head of Amret Microfinance Institution in Cambodia. She has several years of work experience in marketing and communications.

photo of Subhadeep Chowdhury

Subhadeep Chowdhury

Subhadeep is the founder and director of Profitence, a business consulting firm in Cambodia.

Australian Support Team

hannah oic

Hannah Craggs

Day Without Speech Campaign Lead

Hannah works with volunteers in Australia, and the Cambodia team to grow Day Without Speech within  schools and workplaces.  Originally from the UK, Hannah’s background is in sales, and online retail and marketing. With a degree in textile design, Hannah enjoys working on creative projects in her spare time and loves to travel. 


Katia Ringbauer


Katia looks after our Sydney based volunteers. She is committed to making a lasting change to the future of speech pathology in Cambodia. Ask her anything about volunteering with us!

photo of Sarah Rettke

Sarah Rettke

Sarah has a masters in Organisational Psychology. After working for 3 years in Cambodia, she is now a consultant in Australia. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys horse riding and drinking tea.

photo of Jayson Bricknell

Jayson Bricknell

Jayson is a financial services executive. He got involved with OIC because he knows the value of communication skills and its importance to learning. Jayson’s wife is a speech therapist.

ian oic

Ian Wang

Ian is a second year student studying Commerce/Law at UNSW. Ian is currently assisting with some of OIC’s legal work (eg. contracts of employment) and general research. He enjoys basketball and listening to podcasts.

zoe oic

Zoe Singer

Zoe is a final year speech pathology student. Her interest in OIC came about after hearing of the organisation’s work and mission during a talk at university. Zoe enjoys road trips and bushwalking.

lara oic 2

Lara Cardinal

Lara is a final year speech pathology student. She is interested in OIC’s exit strategy approach and empowering others through communication. 

photo of Danielle Vellucci

Danielle Vellucci

Danielle is a speech pathologist working in early childhood intervention. She believes in building the capacity and strengths of communities, families and individuals.

photo of Claire Banks

Claire Banks

Claire graduated in 2016 with a master degree in Speech Pathology. She previously worked in Cambodia for 4 months with OIC Cambodia and the Happy Kids Clinic.

Advisory Committee

photo of Chea Phearom

Chea Phearom

With almost two decades of experience working with children with disabilities in Siem Reap, Phearom is one of the most experienced disability workers in Cambodia.

photo of Melissa Close

Melissa Close

Melissa was born in Australia and has lived and worked in the education sector in Cambodia for 3 years. Originally a volunteer at a non-profit technical school for poor and disadvantaged youth, she is now the Vice Principal at Raffles Montessori International School.

photo of Sophia Kol

Sophia Kol

Originally from Cambodia, Sophia moved in the US and worked as a nurse. She is currently back in Cambodia working as health and fitness instructor. Sophia loves gardening and photography.


Chamroeun Mak

Chamroeun has 12 years experience in different organizations. He is currently a board member of the Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia and Vice Chair of the Khmer Youth Association.

photo of Socheat Nhio

Socheat Nhip

Socheat works on our Advocacy and Awareness raising project to bring greater awareness and understanding to communication and swallowing difficulties and how speech therapy can help.

photo of Sandrine Bohan-Jacquot

Sandrine Bohan-Jacquot

Sandrine has 14 years of experience in international education development. She is passionate about inclusive education and knows how speech therapy can change lives.

USA Support Team

photo of Stephanie Hubbell

Stephanie Hubbell

US Outreach Officer

Stephanie is a speech language pathologist working with elementary school students in New York. She helps do outreach to schools, university groups, and other groups in the United States.

photo of Sam Kendall

Sam Kendall

US Coordination Officer

Sam Kendall is former staff member who is helping to coordinate outreach initiatives and meeting with those interested in helping OIC Cambodia grow speech therapy in Cambodia.



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photo of Chea Serey

H.E. Chea Serey

Director General of Central Banking Directorate, National Bank of Cambodia

Many people, children and adults, in need of speech therapy are underserved in Cambodia. These people are often left to struggle with communication barriers which greatly affect their confidence and sense of social belonging. Providing speech therapy is not only a medical remedy but also a social one.

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