Management Committee

Chenda NET, Executive Director

Chenda has an extensive background and experience working in the disability sector and community development, health management, and international development for more than 12 years within internal and local NGOs in Cambodia from technical practice to management and leadership positions.

She was an AusAid scholarship program recipient who obtained her master’s degree in Health and International Development from Flinders University in 2014 and holds an advanced diploma degree of Physiotherapy from Singapore and Bachelor of Law in Cambodia.

Her own experience of Australian tertiary studies helps her envisage what a Cambodian tertiary speech therapy program might look like. More importantly, it has given her confidence and discernment to interact with both local and international stakeholders and network to partner with her organization in Cambodia, and strengthen relationships and their commitment in supporting the work and vision of OIC Cambodia increasing the sustainability of the organization.

Her experience within the program and passion combined with her international trained qualification offered her an opportunity to take a leading position at the OIC Cambodia as the Executive Director in 2017. She has provided a tremendous capacity and ability to lead the organization together with the governance and management team toward the success of driving a positive change in the development of the speech therapy profession to bring the missing service in Cambodia. Apart from that, she is nominated by the Ministry of Health and the University of Health Science to be a module leader and a lecturer in the Cambodia Physiotherapy Bridging Bachelor program since 2017.

Ruth Bryce, University Strategy Manager

Ruth Bryce is an Australian Speech Therapist who has lived in Cambodia since 2006. She has been part of the OIC Cambodia team since 2016 when she joined as a part-time volunteer. In 2018 she became Program Manager, and since July 2019 she has been the University Strategy Manager.

Her role at OIC,Cambodia involves being in the management team, and working with government and other stakeholders to develop a quality Cambodian speech therapy program and profession, who can meet the needs of the 600,000 Cambodians with communication and swallowing difficulties.

Within her 13 years in Cambodia, she has been involved in community development projects in informal education initiatives, community-based rehabilitation, disability inclusion, preschool education projects and grassroots research within Cambodia.  Her work roles include Technical advisor to local NGO’s, independent evaluation consultant, and governing board member of LNGO (2009-2017) and social enterprise (2015 – current).

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Speech Therapy (La Trobe University, Australia 2000) and a Masters of Transformational Development (Eastern College, Australia 2015).

Ruth’s speech therapy background is working with people with complex communication needs using alternative and augmentative communication to increase their participation within their communities. She is passionate to see an increase in the inclusion of people with communication disabilities within Cambodian society, as well as the development of a Cambodian speech therapy profession that can support all Cambodian’s to access the therapy they need.


Danielle VELLUCCI, Speech Therapy Technical Advisor

Danielle has supported OIC Cambodia from afar and was excited for the opportunity to join the team, work, and live in Cambodia while working to build a speech therapy profession here. People in Cambodia with communication and/or swallowing difficulties do not have access to speech therapy support and this has a direct impact on the individual’s quality of life. She really enjoys and believes in the profession and is enjoying seeing it develop in Cambodia.

Danielle is a speech therapist from Australia and provides speech therapy technical support within the team.

She studied speech therapy at a university in Melbourne, Australia for 4 years and has worked with children with communication difficulties and their families for over 13 years.

She is very happy to see a family and their child connect and communicate with one another effectively! A child is always communicating and it is very powerful when the family knows how to listen, understand and respond to their child’s communication.

Danielle hopes that the speech therapy profession is developed in Cambodia’s public systems, professionals are able to study speech therapy in Cambodia and everyone with swallowing and/or communication difficulties has access to support! 

PUN Channrak, Program Assistant

Channrak has joined with the OIC Cambodia team since March 2019 as a Program Assistant, a local NGO. He supports the team with designing, planning, and implementing project that focuses on the people with communication and swallowing difficulties needs in Cambodia. He works closely with the program team and technical advisors to support OIC’s program activities and he also involves relationship building with NGOs, networks, and relevant stakeholders to seek support for Speech Therapy development in Cambodia.

Before surviving under OIC Cambodia, Channrak has been involving in Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence Issues awareness raising and training in 2013-2015. He also worked for improving a quality of education at International NGO in 2015-2107. And then, he joined in an advocacy and human rights awareness raising for indigenous people with the local NGO that focused on Land Rights and Natural Resources Management in 2017-2019.

Channrak comes from Battambang province and he currently holds a BA in Law from Royal University and Economics in 2006-2010 and he also completed MA in Development Management from Norton University in 2016-2018. 

LIM Lengsim, Project Officer

Sim has joined with OIC team because she is very enthusiastic about being part of contributing and learning from this local organization that works on improving speech and swallowing difficulties in Cambodia. She works as a project officer who focuses on facilitating workshops or/and training and gathering resource-related as well.

Sim enjoys working here with such a great team that has a mutual aim and focus. She has had some experiences with qualified Speech Therapists that she has worked alongside them for more than 2 years.

Her passion is to see how ST professions improve in Cambodia. As an SP practitioner, she would like to equip herself to be an ST with qualifications to work in this field. Inadequate understanding of ST motivates her to work in this area. The more understanding the ST is, the better quality of Cambodian’s lives will be.

Sim hopes to see more STs and ST practitioners growing in each hospital and related sector in Cambodia. She has learned abundant skills and understanding from STs internationally.

KANG Pisey, Project Officer


Kunthea worked at Happy Kids Clinics before joining OIC Cambodia. She didn’t study Speech Therapy at university before as we don’t have the University of speech therapy in Cambodia yet.

When she was working at Happy Kids Clinic and she had learned a lot from the speech therapist from other countries and she also has experience working directly with children who have difficulties with communication and/or swallowing.

She really enjoys working with OIC is supporting the teacher/parents to help the people who have difficulties with communication and swallowing (especially with the children).

She hopes that Cambodia will have the university of speech therapy soon, as now we have a lot of people who have difficulty with communication (especially the children) in Cambodia, so we need speech therapist in Cambodia, and I also hope the people to understand more about the speech therapy and what is autism?