Give up your voice to help others find theirs

Could you last a day without speech?

Why not join the Day Without Speech challenge and find out?

Day Without Speech is a fundraising challenge where schools, teams and individuals get sponsored to give up talking for the day to experience what it is like to have a communication difficulty.

All funds raised from Day Without Speech will support OIC Cambodia to create a better future for thousands of children affected by speech and communication difficulties who are unable to go to school, form friendships or even communicate with their families.

Join the challenge today

Have a friend or colleague who would find it impossible to give up talking for an hour? Challenge them to take part in Hour Without Speech!

Hour Without Speech is the much shorter version of Day Without Speech and very popular with groups and in workplaces.

Could you give up speaking for an hour to help change an entire country!

For further information or support about Day or Hour Without Speech in Australia, please contact:, and in Cambodia via   

1 in 25 people in Cambodia have a communication or swallowing disability.

And yet, speech therapy is not available to them.


OIC is a proud partner of Global Development Group. Donations over $2 are tax-deductible in Australia and the US, and receipts will be issued by GDG. Donors from the UK may be eligible for Gift Aid.