OIC volunteers

Q&A with Julia Dotras

Dec 7, 2016

Julia Dotras (right in the above photo with her friends) is a video producer and communication specialist who volunteered with us in Cambodia . She came in March 2016 to volunteer with OIC Cambodia for two months, and had been an incredible asset to the team.

We asked Julia what it was like to volunteer with OIC.

How did you find out about OIC Cambodia?

Online. I’m a member of a Facebook group where development jobs are being posted. There was a call for a volunteer to develop promotional videos for OIC. I made contact and went from there.

What were you doing before going to Cambodia.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication one year ago. I worked as a video reporter for broadcasting network Televisió de Catalunya in Rome. I was also an intern at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Bonn.

I also had experience working as a photographer and videographer for cultural events.

How is working in Cambodia different from working in Spain?

Working in Cambodia is surprisingly easy.

I didn’t have previous experience working for a non-profit organisation in Spain so it’s difficult to compare. However, I felt very comfortable working at OIC. I was given freedom to develop ideas while receiving great feedback from my colleagues.

What were you doing for OIC?

I developed promotional videos. I also helped run a crowdfunding campaign, develop the OIC founder’s websiteand gave a presentation in video production to the entire team at OIC.

Why is speech therapy important?

Communication is key to showing respect, understanding and love. And we all deserve that.

People with communication difficulties, especially in Cambodia, should have access to speech therapy. It is an important health care service that could help reduce communication barrier and give them better quality of life.

 by Julia Dotras