I’m glad and excited to welcome you to the OIC team – the most wonderful collection of superstars I’ve ever worked with.  We started in July 2013 to support children like Ling. Many children like him all over Cambodia are being ignored by systems that prioritise the needs of some over others.

It’s important that we never lose track of where we have come from, not that we always need to hold onto the past, but because we never want to lose sight of our values. You all have an interesting and unique journey that brings you to OIC. If you’d like to know more about mine, you can read about it here.

Our values and work culture are constantly changing at OIC. As we bring new people on board, we adapt our ways. As we learn new information about the changing context in which we work, we too change. This means that OIC is a living and breathing initiative, it never stays stagnant. It means that you get to influence how we work, as much as the founding members of the team did.

There are however a number of fundamental principles underlying our work, which I doubt will ever change. We will only work with the best people – only those exceptional folks who pass our recruitment process. We will always put the needs of local communities above others – even above the donors.

This guide will help you to understand how we operate better. It will be updated as new information and people come to OIC. If there are things that you think are not quite right, do not hesitate to bring it up. We value your feedback here, even if it’s your first day at work.

I wish you the best of luck with your time with OIC. Thank you for working with us to establish speech therapy as a universally accessible, locally led profession in Cambodia.

All the best,