Organization to Improve Communication and Swallowing Therapy Services in Cambodia (OIC Cambodia) will run an online campaign for Speech Therapy Week, 2019 under the theme “Communication is for Everyone and Everywhere” from 26 to 30 August 2019.

Speech Therapy Week is an online campaign aiming to promote and raise awareness about communication and swallowing disorders in Cambodia. During this week, OIC Cambodia will use its website and social media accounts to share educational messages about communication difficulties; which affect at least 600, 000 people in Cambodia.

Data concerning the prevalence of disability differ widely; however, the most recent Cambodia Demographic and Health Survey (CDHS, 2014) reported disability prevalence at 9.5% of the population. Furthermore, a study carried out by the Ministry of Education in 2011 estimated a higher prevalence of impairment (15.59%) and disability (10.6%) amongst children aged 2-9 years old. The most common impairments identified were hearing, cognitive and speech impairments. These impairments are often correlated with communication difficulties which require speech therapy intervention.

OIC Cambodia is a key organization in Cambodia focusing on Speech Therapy and the inclusion of people with communication and swallowing difficulties. We are working to support people with communication and swallowing difficulties in Cambodia, through awareness-raising and advocacy, research, resource development, capacity building, and service provision. To ensure sustainable support for people with communication and swallowing difficulties in Cambodia, OIC Cambodia’s activities seek to build on efforts to establish the first Cambodian university course for speech therapy.

Media contact: Mr. Borom RY, Communications and Social Media Coordinator at OIC Cambodia, E-mail:, Tel: 010 83 63 76