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OIC Cambodia’s awareness raising and advocacy activities are designed to increase the demand and commitment to building a local speech therapy profession. We also seek to raise awareness of the needs and rights of people with communication disabilities and promote community inclusion.

We do this by:

  • Establishing clear key messages for community, professionals and government level and developing print, radio and other media materials;
  • Designing awareness raising and advocacy campaigns (social media, national or community level) togrow understanding of speech therapy and issues for people who have communication and swallowing difficulties targettingstrategic groups in government, NGO and the general population. .
  • Monitoring community, professional and government attitudes, knowledge and practices towards people with communication difficulties
  • Targeted advocacy for inclusion of people with communication difficulties and access to therapy services with the education, health, and disability sectors.
  • Working with Cambodia Society (business, school, organizations) to promote “Day Without Speech”an awareness-raising campaign to increase people’s understanding of communication difficulties and opportunity for Cambodian based fundraising.


See our Speech Therapy week 2019 Campaign (link to FB page)

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