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We provide speech therapy to Cambodians with communication difficulties and swallowing difficulties through partnering with schools, clinics, NGO’s and government education and health services. These partnerships help us ensure local knowledge and context are integrated into  quality speech therapy services.

We do this by:

  • Through community partnership, providing short-term speech therapy consultancy to specific client groups with NGO and government education, health and community services;
  • Running pilot projects of speech therapy support for the inclusion of children with communication difficulties in government primary and preschool locations
  • Partnership with  social enterprise therapy business “Happy Kids Clinic” and other private sector services
  • Collaboration with other organizations to develop, undertake and evaluate models of speech therapy in Cambodia

Are you a Cambodian based Education, disability or community service supporting people with communication and swallowing difficulties? Are you interested in partnering with us to use speech therapy in your context?

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