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OIC Cambodia is committed to applying the practice and principles of speech therapy in the Cambodian context,  and develop resources that are adapted to this culture, language, and society. Research and pilot projects are essential for evaluating  appropriate ways of “doing” speech therapy in Cambodia. The purpose of our resource development is to produce suitable Khmer language resources, appropriate for the Cambodian context, for use in speech therapy clinical, university, and community settings.

We do this by:

  • Designing and undertaking pilot projects using speech therapy in different settings
  • Designing and undertaking prevalence studies, mapping of needs and services, and documenting experience of people with communication difficulties in Cambodia;
  • Designing and undertaking research into the scope of practice, and future potential of existing para-profession”(non-university trained) speech therapists in Cambodia;
  • Including speech therapy data collection and service delivery models within broader Cambodian research (government and NGO) into health and education sectors;
  • Partnership with relevant tertiary institutions to source the expertise and rigor for quality research.

Link to:

What is it like to have a communication disability in Cambodia? 2019 – Lived experience: Interviews with Adults who have communication difficulties    (upload Debbie’s summary  and the also link to full report)

2018-19 Action research: “Using Speech Therapy in Cambodian Preschool and Primary schools: Coaching teachers to support inclusion” (upload report)

2015 Situational Analysis