Our training and capacity building activities are designed to support and up-skill individuals who are living and working with people who have communication or swallowing difficulties. Through designing and delivering workshops, networks, forums, and resources the OIC team helps teachers, early childhood workers, medical, parents and community staff to gain understanding, and practical skills to support the communication and swallowing skills of the people they support. This program aims to use speech therapy knowledge and practice to help people be better at the current role they have supporting people with communication or swallowing difficulties, it’s important to note these training on their own are not sufficient for people to become a speech therapist.


See our 2019 training with the Government Special Education Department – Link to article/ video of SED activities

We always want to learn from what we do see  our 2017 evaluation report on teacher training for some of our key lessons Link to Independent evaluation report (this link was on the old website)