What We Do

2 Training


Our training sessions are designed to support and up-skill people who are working directly with children who have communication difficulties; and give them access to networks, forums and resources, which help them to support students with communication difficulties within Cambodia.

Happy Kids Clinic

OIC Cambodia’s social enterprise Happy Kids Clinic provides speech therapy and occupational therapy services to people in Phnom Penh. Day-to-day operation provides tangible examples of speech therapy practice, service delivery models, and resources relevant to Cambodian context. Happy Kids Clinic also allows OIC Cambodia to offer speech therapy services in Cambodia in the short term as we work to grow Cambodian speech therapists for the long term.


3 Happy Kids Clinic

Research & Resource Development

Because Cambodia does not yet have a speech therapy profession, research and pilot projects are important for working out the best way of “doing” speech therapy in this country, instead of simply transplanting models of practice from Western countries. The purpose of our resource development is to produce suitable Khmer language resources, appropriate for the Cambodian context, for use in speech therapy clinical, university and community settings.

Advocacy & Awareness

The Advocacy and Awareness project stream is designed to grow relationships with government and non-government stakeholders to increase their understanding of Speech Therapy, as well as to grow the general population’s understating of issues for people who have communication and swallowing difficulties. We hope that with this awareness, demand for and commitment to building a local speech therapy profession will grow.

4 University course

University Course & Development of Speech Therapy Profession

We are working on creating a network of advisors and those with a background in Cambodian university settings to help set up a certified speech therapy course at the university level in Cambodia, so that the profession can be grown and led by Cambodians. We are also building a network of speech therapists and Cambodian people trained in speech therapy techniques to begin creating a professional association.

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By donating today, you are taking action to help grow speech therapy in Cambodia and bring therapy to children in need and their families.