Communicating with others is at the heart of being human.

Helping people communicate is at the heart of what we do.

In Cambodia, more than 600,000 people have a communication or swallowing disorder,
yet health services for them are nearly nonexistent.

We’re working towards a Cambodia where each of these people receives the help they need
to communicate with those around them, and lead full and happy lives.

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We’re a small team based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Our goal is to make speech therapy available to all who need it in Cambodia.

We have a 14 year plan, including an exit strategy, after which OIC will phase out.

This exit point is for 100 Cambodian speech therapists to be employed by the government by 2030.

We believe this will allow the people of Cambodia to achieve our overarching goal after OIC dissolves.

We work in these areas:

Raising awareness about the urgent need for speech therapy in Cambodia.


Ensuring government policy to lead the speech therapy profession.


Developing university and training courses, and conducting research.


Creating jobs for speech therapists in Cambodia, particularly employed by government.

About speech therapy

For Cambodians with a communication or swallowing disorder, it is difficult to speak to loved
ones or eat a meal,much less attend school or find a job.

Speech therapists help children like Ling and Mai strengthen the muscles responsible for making sounds
and swallowing. They also help with strategies to improve communication and make eating and drinking safer.

With the benefit of speech therapy, people with communication and swallowing disorders can
connect with others, attend school, find jobs, and lead fuller, happier lives.

We have already begun to train Cambodian disability workers on speech therapy.

We’re bringing speech therapy to Cambodia and you can help.


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